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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nauck Civic Association Meeting Notice

The Nauck Civic Association meets the first Monday of each month, with the exception of September or on Holiday's. The General Membership meeting is held at 7:30 at the Drew Community Center. Members of the Executive Committee meet at 6:30 p.m. Our meeting schedule is as follows:

January 7, 2008
February 4, 2008
March 3, 2008
April 7, 2008
May 5, 2008
June 2, 2008
July 2008 - No Meeting
August 4, 2008 - Executive Committee Only
September 8, 2008
October 6, 2008
November 3, 2008
December 1, 2008


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Portia said...

The Nauck Civic Association invites all residents, affiliates and concerned citizens to attend our monthly general membership meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m. on March 7, 2005 at Drew Model School, 3500 S. 23rd St., Arlington, VA 22206. The meeting will include presentations from the Arlington County 3rd District Police Captain, the Drew Model School and Drew Community Center. The Agenda topic for the meeting will be “Our Neighborhood, School and the Community Center: Tipping Points to the Future”.

At 12:32 AM, Blogger SandraCorder said...

Although the Civic Association invites all residents, all residents feel that the association does not represent us. What is important to us, especially those with middle school-age children is the frustration of having Gunston as the home school. Many would prefer Thomas Jefferson yet it is not an issue that the association deems "part of it's agenda". Reading the newsletter the association sends around is almost like reading a foreign language. What the association addresses is of interest to those with status, nothing more, nothing less. That's why many will not get involved. Those who will give the presentations will be making no more sense than the voices of the unseen parents of the Charlie Brown comics. When it comes down to the real deal, unless you are a citizen of status or know someone, nothing is done; it's all political correctness.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Portia said...

I too have a middle school age child, so I do understand what you are saying. However there can be issues at any school that our child might attend. My son is at TJ, but given the chance to do it over again, I might not have choosen TJ. I was recently speaking to another parent, and they were not aware that Kenmore is a countywide school and all Arlington students can apply to attend there. Unless that has changed recently. To address the issues you raise we need more input and involvement from those who feel as they are not represented. It is true that we may not be able to reflect or represent all, but some of us do try really hard. When we fail to get involved, we may not be represented and we leave matters to others to handle for us, which may not be the best thing to do. As for the newsletter, it represents what is submitted. Any citizen may submit articles and information for publication. I have yet to refuse to publish any information that has been presented. Please provide me some examples of what you would like to see published and we can certainly make some changes in the future. We all are citizens with status and we all know somebody. I don't do the politics either, but I know how it works.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger SandraCorder said...

There are over 100 families in the Nauck Community. There has to be something drastically wrong when so few desire to participate with something that's supposed to aid and abet the growth and stability of the community. People are tired of "politics as usual", they want to, need to know what they say will be heard. Yes, you did deny an article to be submitted. The article addressed the three neighborhood churches and their lack of participation within this community. The interesting thing is that over 50% of the congregants are not Nauck residents. If you were to walk around and get feedback on what the citizens feelings are on the civic association, you would find it is not a ringing endorsement. In order for participation to be garnered there needs to be change. The same way Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and other gospel artists realized that they weren't going to reach the "new" generation with "old" school methods, the association needs to change. Far too many of our race are tired of hearing and seeing no action to support it. Then when there is action, it doesn't serve us but those who make the final decisions. Until the association, aside from yourself as many know you, makes itself known as working for the people, don't count on an increase in membership. As far as the school system, I'm quite sure the issues we as parents have here in South Arlington are not the issues they have in North Arlington. One issue is the fact that many teachers have no understanding of Black society and our way of being. Our children tend to run into more conflicts if they are not a follower, which is what we as parents try to teach our children. The bottom line is the teachers are accountable to no one in the way they treat studenst and that's one of the major reasons so many minority students drop out. Adults have a tendency to side with teachers because of the title and/or status, which is a mistake. Our children are the ones suffering and we do nothing.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Portia said...

The artcile about the church's was not denied. It ran on page 10 of our June 2004 newsletter. Your points are well taken into consideration.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger SandraCorder said...

Again, after reading the Nauck News & Views, it leaves me wondering how is it serving Nauck or its citizens? Although the tips to prevent ID theft is helpful that is not the bane of our existence. There are families struggling; there are teenagers who need directions; there are real people who the association tends to forget. My parents live in Florida and attend a church that opened a free clinic to help the uninsured. These are the things the association should be addressing. Issues that will make life somewhat easier for the neediest residents. Mental health issues is one of the most prevalent issue not addressed within our race. Many of our children end up in the court system because they can't get that help. Between Macedonia, Lomax and Mt. Zion, there must be some specialist that could give a couple of hours a week to help. Again, in order to reach the citizens, the association has to show that it truly is willing to fight for its citizens; it has not done that. Paul writes, "in order to reach a poor man, I become as a poor man". You must know the citizens in order to tailor the association to meet the needs. The association needs to be revitalized in every area. New blood is needed, someone who has a better understanding and the working of "today" not yesterday.


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